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ZWCAD has been in the market from more than 16 years and is constantly improving. With its strong 150 engineers, a superior new engine was introduced in 2012. The new ZWCAD+ offers seamless DWG compatibility  and 100% of functionality most CAD designers want. It comes with powerful and compatible API (including .NET API).
The most widely used drafting tools in the market today are AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Very few people actually knew that ZWCAD+ has a complete solution to 2D/3D design with comparable functionality.
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Reducing cost of operation by only paying a fraction of the cost of traditional drafting tool

Lowering cost of ownership with little or no re-incurring charges

Single price for standalone or network user license

Using a drafting tool which is in line with every other business users at a lower cost

No inter-company usage barrier

No geographical location usage restriction

Using a new drafting solution with zero learning curve and zero down time, not affecting effectiveness and productivity

Free Android & Apple App “ ZWCAD TOUCH”





To enjoy the full experience of ZWCAD, do contact us after your installation for setting purposes.



Typical Project Information Management Landscape

Newforma Before

Newforma – Easy Implementation Setup

Adding only 2 servers- Newforma Project Center & Newforma Exchange

newforma add servers

Manage project information for more successful project delivery


Newforma® Project Center software is the building and infrastructure industry’smost integrated and comprehensive solution for managing all forms of projectinformation, whether at your office, from the cloud, or on the go. With innovationssuch as ATM-easy web access and seamless connectivity with other companies using Newforma software, it strengthens your entire project team.

Keep systems you like, lose those you don’t


Newforma software integrates with essential office systems such as Microsoft® Office® Outlook® email and cloud storage providers, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.
It replaces FTP and countless point solutions.

Implement it without altering your information technology infrastructure.

Enhance your brand with ATM-easy web access


Newforma software includes customizable web access for large file transfers and remote access to your project information.

Know who has (and has not) downloaded what, when.

Coordinate distributed CAD or BIM datasets, streamline CA and design review workflows, and much more.

Coordinate directly with other Newforma shops

Create seamless, secure project information networks with team members in trusted companies via Newforma-to-Newforma connectivity.
Seamlessly coordinate submittals, change orders and more with your entire project team.

Always be sure of working with the latest shared files.

Resolve issues while still on the phone


In seconds, find project information in emails and other documents, even when they originate with people no longer with the firm.
Search for information in a single project, or include multiple active, archived, and off-line projects; search languages include Chinese characters.

Improve profitability as you reduce risk


Spend less time managing meeting minutes and action items as you improve team follow-through.
Expedite final payment by creating self-contained, organized and distributable closeout files.

Create audit trails of emails and other documents that tell the story of the project.

Use this information to avoid disputes and support invoices.

Review documents without printing


Review and compare documents on screen, without printing.

View and mark up files with easy-to-use annotation and drawing tools.

Maintain an audit record of all document browsing, previewing, commenting and stamping.

Integrate with other Newforma products


Use Newforma® Contract Management to manage construction documents, contracts, and processes.

Use Newforma® Building Information Management to link project information to model elements, manage non-graphical information in models, enable all project team members to view and navigate models, and more.

Use Newforma® Project Cloud for web-based construction collaboration for the entire project team.

Use Newforma® Mobile Apps to connect to project team members, view and mark up the latest construction documents, capture field notes, and expedite project closeout.

Use Newforma® Project Analyzer to make more informed decisions about architecture and engineering schedules, staffing and budgets.

The Newforma Difference


Unlike web-only and document management systems, Newforma PIM software doesn’t make you abandon the applications and processes you use now – unless you want to. It integrates with your favorite software to manage information electronically, without paper. It’s made for the way you work today.

What Users Say…


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Our team is made up of a strong team of 40 professional modellers. Each of our team member has more than 5 years of experience in 3D, 4D & 5D Modelling. Armed with the correct industry knowledge and led by our BIM manager who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to guarantee success in every project.
We assist our clients in bridging the gaps between architecture drawings, 3D modelling and to be construction drawings. Our results are found in the reduction of change orders in projects.



Project Outsourcing

  • 2D Drawing Conversion to 3D Drawing
  • 2D to 3D library creation
  • Creation of BOM
  • Performing Clashes Detection and Reports
  • Creation of to be Construction Drawing
  • 4D & 5D Modelling
  • BIM Tender Submission

In-house Project Assistance

  • BIM Methodology
  • Building your BIM Team
  • Project Handholding
  • Bodyshop
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