Access your corporate applications from any device.
Anytime. Anywhere.


Looking to simplify your corporate BYOD program?

Do you have a significant workforce of employees and contractors who work remotely?

Do you often set up temporary networks for remote offices?

Are you facing significant development costs to make your corporate applications available on demand – anytime and from anywhere?

Would you prefer your applications are accessed natively and not via mobile apps?

Do you have to migrate to a new OS across your enterprise?

Simplify BYOD and app management

Leverage existing processes and infrastructure

Minimize cloud infrastructure cost

Increase ROI on legacy applications

Limit risks of data loss through use of mobile devices

Extend lifespans of your capex investments

Ideal for enterprises without a cloud or SaaS IT infrastructure who are looking to deliver applications to their users.

Transform each enterprise users’ Windows desktop interface with the associated client applications to browser-based access.

Transfer user working data from local workstations / laptops to central storage with allocated individual space to each user.
Convert all your applications – from email to MS Office to Enterprise Resource Planning – to SaaS mode with browser-based access.

Ideal for enterprises with an existing cloud or SaaS infrastructure who are looking to provide their users with remote access.

Provides secured remote access to corporate network resources over the browser from any device.
Access to network resources such as like Intranet sites, network folders and application, etc.

Apply specific access control policies based on user and group identities configured through Active Directory.
Replacement for traditional IPSec-based VPN.

Overview of SADP


SADP Deployment



Smaller Hardware Investment.

Lower hardware investment as compared to other solutions in the market.

Up to 300 users per server.


Mobile and Agile.

Vital to your Business Continuity Plan, SADP enables employees to continue working anytime and anywhere.

Access corporate information on-the-go with your private cloud on any device and not OS-dependent.

Online and offline capability.



With zero install and completely browser-based, your information is kept safe, even if the device is lost or stolen.

Controlled access to your applications and data.


Easy Deployment and Support.

Applications are only installed once on the SADP server and available to all devices.

Zero downtime when upgrading an application.

Effortless deployment of applications to employees.

Employee Workspace is centrally maintained.

Extend life of legacy applications.

User session recovery in less than a minute.

Easy Relocation.

Zero boot storm experience.


Cost Effective.

Leverage on existing workstations and infrastructure.

Thin-client and Bring-Your-Own-Device reduces need for workstation for employees.
Works with any browser and free open source OS including Ubuntu Linux, and popular end-user devices like Mac OS and Chrome OS.

No requirement of leased line.

Controlled/ minimum IT expenditure for new employees.