ZWCAD has been in the market from more than 16 years and is constantly improving. With its strong 150 engineers, a superior new engine was introduced in 2012. The new ZWCAD+ offers seamless DWG compatibility  and 100% of functionality most CAD designers want. It comes with powerful and compatible API (including .NET API).
The most widely used drafting tools in the market today are AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Very few people actually knew that ZWCAD+ has a complete solution to 2D/3D design with comparable functionality.
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Reducing cost of operation by only paying a fraction of the cost of traditional drafting tool

Lowering cost of ownership with little or no re-incurring charges

Single price for standalone or network user license

Using a drafting tool which is in line with every other business users at a lower cost

No inter-company usage barrier

No geographical location usage restriction

Using a new drafting solution with zero learning curve and zero down time, not affecting effectiveness and productivity

Free Android & Apple App “ ZWCAD TOUCH”




To enjoy the full experience of ZWCAD, do contact us after your installation for setting purposes.